Monday, November 22, 2010

Curls, Curls and No Frizz!! (Giveaway extended until 12/3)

I am Back and ready to review!
First off let me say that i hope everyone had a safe weekend and you're all doing well ☻

This week i will be reviewing:

MopTop is a product line dedicated to combating frizzy, unruly curls.
As I know many of you curly heads like myself have seen those exact same words with other products, yet they have failed.

Because no ones curls are alike, I tried these products out on three naturals with very different curl types.

So did MopTop fail? or pass?
Lets see...
(my camera wasn't capturing correctly so, no pictures this time sorry guys)

For Models 1&2 I used:
Model 1 has very course and dry 4a type hair. No matter what,the frizz usually over rules her curls and she gets what we personally call "Broccoli Head". I washed and conditioned her hair leaving the conditioner on for about 30 minutes then rinsed. I sprayed her hair with the detangler/refreshener to get the kinks out with ease. The last step was to use the scrunching method with the anti-frizz gel and defuse or air dry. After air drying, I found that the scrunching didn't help her curls, the gel i think was to light for her texture of hair and it also caused flakes. The flakes were a result of adding another gel on top.

Model 2 has thin,frizzy3b-3c type hair and any added product; like gels causes her hair to become greasy. Again, I prepared her hair with the MopTop Shampoo and conditioner. While hair was still wet i applied the anti-frizz gel. Because her hair is shorter than neck length  the scrunching method was nearly impossible to do, so instead we used a very soft boars bristle brush which worked perfectly. Her curls popped, they were shiny, springy, soft and frizz free. With a quick mist of the refreshner spray the gel was reactivated and added freshness and moisture to next day as well as third day hair. 

For Model 3 I used

Fuzzy duck is the same as MopTop but more gentler for our kiddies.

Model 3 has extremely frizzy 4a-4b hair. 
The washing process was no different from the others, the conditioner was moisturizing to her hair as well. The anti-frizz gel didn't flake on her hair also i found the Fuzzy Duck gel to have a stronger hold than the MopTop. On her hair i tried to different curl defining methods, one which is known as shingling the other finger coiling. The finger coils held up the best and the gel was also strong enough to hold up her pony tail.

What I recommend:
For thin hair, type 2-type 3c 

Go with the MopTop products. For extra curl definition add a little curl definer before adding the anti-frizz gel and use one of the three methods(scrunching, shingling or finger coiling). For a stronger hold try the Fuzzy Duck anti frizz gel.

For Very thick 3c type hair-4a

The Fuzzy Duck anti-frizz gel will work perfectly for you along with the finger coiling or shingling process. Use a light alcohol free curl definer for added definition.

Note: Visit to purchase products, see product ingredients and how the frizz free scrunching technique is done.

MopTop was a pass!!
With a few little tweaks and my recommendations you too can enjoy frizz free hair!

Heres your chance to win some MopTop products!
Simply leave a comment below including the following information:
Is it for an adult or child?
Curl type
and frizz level on a scale of 1-5, 5 being extreme.

Come back on Friday to see If you are the winner!

Thank you all for stopping by and a Special thanks to Grace and the MopTop Gang!

♥Give Love♥

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello to all my followers :)
I apologize for the wait, its been a little over a week and i know you all are ready for prizes and reviews.
They are coming soon I PROMISE!
Over the last week i have been testing out some of the products on myself, as well as others with different curl patterns and relaxers. I will test each product for 1-2 weeks before writing my review, during that time i may only post product reviews and contest to come (in some cases i may not post at all until the next review).

This is just to let you all know that i haven't gone M.I. A
I'm still here just working hard to give you all 100% honest truth.

ttyl ☺


Note: Monday 11/22- Review on Mop Top & Fuzzy Duck products and the 1st OLBG giveaway begins!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank you!!

Hello all!!
I would like to take this time out to thank all you beautiful ladies for following my blog..
Its only been about a week and I already have so many great followers.
Thank You all soooo much!! :)

So in my last post i mentioned that reviews would be done every Monday; After giving it some time I realized that couldn't happen due to the fact that, I never know when my orders will be processed,shipped and set on my doorstep. Also, I want to give the product at least a week or  two of trying it out before I post my final thought.
HOWEVER, I can tell you the first product lines i will review are:
Gro-Aut Solutions
Darcy's Botanicals
Note:Darcy's Botanicals hair care line is primarily for natural hair BUT there are items that my relaxed ladies can use also as well as transitioners (I'm leaving no one out here).

If there is a product line you would like me to review before you buy, simply leave a comment below with the name of the product, the company, the website(if available) and where i can purchase.

Thanks again!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Hey Hey Hey!!
Some of you hairlista ladies may know that today is my 20th Birthday 
so sad to say my teen years are officially over, but blessed to be alive and well.
I wanted to say Happy birthday to all the November babies and share with you all my gift from Dr. Dowless at Nearly Natural. Thanks again Dr. Dowless ; )

It came this morning (right on time). I was ecstatic to find out it was a full size bottle of the infamous Argan Oil Conditioner BOOYAAAH!! lol If you haven't tried this conditioner you'd better, you have NO idea what your missing. Head on over to and sign up  for your chance to win the four piece Argan Oil set(drawings are held at the end of each month until further notice). 
Hope all you ladies have had a great week and i hope you have a wonderful, safe and blessed weekend!
Check back on Mondays for product reviews : )
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Nearly Naturals Argan Oil & My 1st Blog!!

Hello all! Thank you for visiting my blog. 
Today i will be reviewing Nearly Naturals NEW Argan oil product line. I was lucky enough to be able to sample these lovely products before purchasing the full sizes Thanks to the CEO Dr. Greg Dowless and one of my friends (SheLovely) from hairlista. 
Thanks Guys!!

The Shampoo
I found this shampoo to be a very very good cleanser, yet it didn't leave my 3c curls feeling dry, stripped or weighed down like most shampoos do. I used this product by adding it to a spout tipped bottle, and then applying directly to my scalp. After two washes my hair was really bouncy and my scalp felt clean, rejuvenated and smelled AWESOME! 

I recommend it for: Ladies and gentlemen with straight-3c textured hair, for a really good clarifier once or twice a month. 
Note: If you have issues with extremely dry hair this product may not be the best for you due to some ladies experiencing extreme dryness of hair.

The Conditioner
This conditioner is absolutely amazing.  It is creamy, thick, smells great and a little goes a long way (way to stretch your dollars). After one use and letting my hair completely dry, my curls were still bouncy and so full of moisture (my curls never bounce btw). As much as i hate to say it and some of your eyes may widen, but i honestly think this conditioner is better than Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose O_O. I know, I know I'v taken it too far lol.

I recommend it for: Any and Every hair type there is especially if you have dry hair

The Styling Cream

This product was actually the first that i tried out. I use it for my braid outs on slightly damp hair. This is a great frizz eliminator for ladies that like to do twist/braid outs or just loves to wear your curly or straight hair down with out having to deal with the POOF EFFECT later. The cream is not heavy nor is it greasy. It only takes about a nickel to quarter sized amount to tame the frizz for long as well as short hair.

I recommend it for: Frizzy hair and fly aways
Note: For best use on braid/twist outs. Separate hair in sections of 4- 6, moisturize and seal, add styling cream then proceed to braid or twist. This can also be done per braid/twist.

The Hydrating Serum
 I had never used a serum before now so i was unsure of how to use it or what to expect o_O. Instead of using it as directed, I used it as a sealant. The next morning i was soooo happy that i did that because my hair held the moisture well overnight. The smell of this serum kind if reminded me of a hair grease, It definitely  does not share the same tasty scent as the Shampoo and conditioner. If you were to purchase this item Id say try it out as a sealant or to add a natural looking sheen to your hair.

I recommend it for: All hair types
Note: If you have very fine or thin hair use as directed on the bottle. Use wisely, after all its only 1.7 oz.
Nearly Natural  is having a one day BOGO sale on their lovely 10oz Argan Oil Condition
November 5th 2010 
Only the first 50 costumers will get to take part in this deal So make sure you hurry over  to

I hope you all enjoyed my 1st blog
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Much love