Monday, November 22, 2010

Curls, Curls and No Frizz!! (Giveaway extended until 12/3)

I am Back and ready to review!
First off let me say that i hope everyone had a safe weekend and you're all doing well ☻

This week i will be reviewing:

MopTop is a product line dedicated to combating frizzy, unruly curls.
As I know many of you curly heads like myself have seen those exact same words with other products, yet they have failed.

Because no ones curls are alike, I tried these products out on three naturals with very different curl types.

So did MopTop fail? or pass?
Lets see...
(my camera wasn't capturing correctly so, no pictures this time sorry guys)

For Models 1&2 I used:
Model 1 has very course and dry 4a type hair. No matter what,the frizz usually over rules her curls and she gets what we personally call "Broccoli Head". I washed and conditioned her hair leaving the conditioner on for about 30 minutes then rinsed. I sprayed her hair with the detangler/refreshener to get the kinks out with ease. The last step was to use the scrunching method with the anti-frizz gel and defuse or air dry. After air drying, I found that the scrunching didn't help her curls, the gel i think was to light for her texture of hair and it also caused flakes. The flakes were a result of adding another gel on top.

Model 2 has thin,frizzy3b-3c type hair and any added product; like gels causes her hair to become greasy. Again, I prepared her hair with the MopTop Shampoo and conditioner. While hair was still wet i applied the anti-frizz gel. Because her hair is shorter than neck length  the scrunching method was nearly impossible to do, so instead we used a very soft boars bristle brush which worked perfectly. Her curls popped, they were shiny, springy, soft and frizz free. With a quick mist of the refreshner spray the gel was reactivated and added freshness and moisture to next day as well as third day hair. 

For Model 3 I used

Fuzzy duck is the same as MopTop but more gentler for our kiddies.

Model 3 has extremely frizzy 4a-4b hair. 
The washing process was no different from the others, the conditioner was moisturizing to her hair as well. The anti-frizz gel didn't flake on her hair also i found the Fuzzy Duck gel to have a stronger hold than the MopTop. On her hair i tried to different curl defining methods, one which is known as shingling the other finger coiling. The finger coils held up the best and the gel was also strong enough to hold up her pony tail.

What I recommend:
For thin hair, type 2-type 3c 

Go with the MopTop products. For extra curl definition add a little curl definer before adding the anti-frizz gel and use one of the three methods(scrunching, shingling or finger coiling). For a stronger hold try the Fuzzy Duck anti frizz gel.

For Very thick 3c type hair-4a

The Fuzzy Duck anti-frizz gel will work perfectly for you along with the finger coiling or shingling process. Use a light alcohol free curl definer for added definition.

Note: Visit to purchase products, see product ingredients and how the frizz free scrunching technique is done.

MopTop was a pass!!
With a few little tweaks and my recommendations you too can enjoy frizz free hair!

Heres your chance to win some MopTop products!
Simply leave a comment below including the following information:
Is it for an adult or child?
Curl type
and frizz level on a scale of 1-5, 5 being extreme.

Come back on Friday to see If you are the winner!

Thank you all for stopping by and a Special thanks to Grace and the MopTop Gang!

♥Give Love♥


  1. Adult
    Not sure the exact curl but I would guess a 3c/4a
    I would give it a 3

  2. adult
    im transitioning but it seems like I am going to be 3c/4a or 4b
    frizz level:3/4

  3. Adult
    I believe I am a 4a/b and the friz level is around 3

  4. CHILD
    3C/4A... My Lil cousin just turned 2 and Her Mom came to me about what to do with her curls, Shes afraid that if she doesn't care for her hair now my Lil cousin will grow up hating her curls and will wants to go the chemical route (relaxers) or Lose her curls as she grows up. I think moptop could be the answer for them
    Frizz Level 3